Martha Stewart, I Ain’t

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Picture 3Once upon a time, I wanted to be just like Martha Stewart. Instead of one of the popular girls in jr. high, I honed my skills in Home Economics and was super proud of myself for that first lemon meringue pie I baked and the flannel nightgown I stitched together.

Here I am, some twenty *cough* something years later and, while I can still make a pretty mean pie, and my sewing skills do come in super handy, I’m no Martha Stewart. Fo sho.

There are definitely parts of Martha I can do without anyway (jail, anyone?) but I’ll admit it – sometimes I wish I had half her skills. And her staff. But that’s a therapy session blog post for another day.

I may be no Martha, but I do live less than two miles from Home Depot. And Home Depot has a super awesome Martha Stewart line and I’ll admit it – I check out the paint colors in that section before any of the others.

I was in Home Depot just the other day and noticed her influence now goes well beyond the scope of paint. Bathroom decor? Yes, please! Patio furniture? Sign. Me. Up.

I may need to wait just a bit before expanding my decorating capacity beyond my 9-year-old’s bedroom. We’re smack dab in the middle of a sea of cornflower blue.

Picture 4

I’m liking it. Very, very much. But more importantly, my daughter is liking it very, very much. So thanks, Martha Stewart. We may have very little in common in all the rest of our lives, but I think we can see eye-to-eye on color. Now then, if you can just lend me some of your assistants for the next week, I might actually be able to get something done. Like the dark green metal bed frame I’m attempting to spray paint white this week also. I don’t really know what I’m doing there and am just about ready to turn things over to my kids.

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Written by Megan

Wife, Mama, Freelance Writer, Occasional Crafter, Hybrid Homeschooler, Mary Poppins Wannabe. Megan made a home for herself online in 2003 at the Half-Pint House. Half-Pint House Handouts began in 2011 as a hub for reviews and giveaways. More information about Megan is available here.

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